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I always intend to write in my journal. I'm just so very bad at it! I forget, and then, all of a sudden, it's six months later and the thing is empty.

But then lately, I've not had much time to do anything but work. And try to recover from working. The year started out badly...all new curriculum in six grades written in two days last June. Needless to say, tweaking before teaching has become more learning from scratch and overhauling. I've got to say that the social and emotional unit we started with wasn't nearly as good as the one I'd been doing. But I'd just done that unit last year and it was too soon to repeat it so I used the new one. I'm seriously going to have to rework it all for next year.

Plus, I've been sick more this fall than I have in the past. Probably due to the stress. I'm working longer hours because of the planning and the time spent making and buying materials. And then there's the general stress from hating what I'm doing at work.

The bright spot is that I've done more reading lately. The bad news is that it's mostly books I've already read. I have two whole bookcases of new books, and what do I do? Read stuff I've read a zillion times already. But I can't complain too much...I reread Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse, the Shakespeare series, the Roe Teagarden series) and am in the middle of rereading Jack McDevitt. The Alex Benedict series right now because I just read the new one and of course had to go back and read the earlier ones.

And such wonderful new ones to look forward to! Todd McCaffrey has a new dragon book out, Dragonheart. And there's a new David Weber set in the Honor Harrington universel. And several L. E. Modesitt books I need to read, the last two in the Corean Chronicles, the last two of the Recluce series, and a new one coming out called Imager And Kerrelyn Sparks' All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire, a new Argeneau book by Lynsay Sands, and a new Dark Ones book by Katie Macalister. Yes, I read paranormal romance. I'm a geek. Always have been, always will be!

Even the mysteries I read are usually paranormal. Charlaine Harris and Rhys Bowen, the exceptions. And I buy books by their cover! Although I read the blurb on the back first. I'm not completely stupid.

On the TV front, I've rediscovered some old shows and made friends with new ones. "NCIS" is one. I love that show! It's all about character with me. I'd not watched in forever, mostly because I couldn't find the stupid thing. But not only have I located it, but there are reruns on USA. I've even bought a season! And I've rediscovered "Friends." Although on that one, it was more a case of having watched it to death and having to take a vacation. Apparently, it's been long enough because now they make me laugh.

Of the new shows, I love "True Blood," of course. Even if they have totally screwed with Jason's and Tara's characters. I spend half my time throwing up my hands and crying, "What the heck???" At least they've stayed mostly true to Sookie.

And "The Mentalist." I quite like that one. Simon Baker doesn't hurt, of course, but I like the character's personality on the show. And I watch "Eleventh Hour" for Rufus Sewell, but mostly because of him and not the show.

I've recently realized that it's been forever since I've read any HP fanfic. I used to read it all. RPs seem to have replaced them for me, though. I really should look up some of the new stuff, though. Maybe tomorrow. No, that's a Monday, that won't work. Darn.
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So you've seen my pimp post for The Enigma. I am happy to say that the casting is going along quite nicely, with a number of friends taking on charries. It's such an exciting time, when all the characters are being developed and there are endless possibilities of plot stretching out as far as the eye can contemplate. Not that the actual playing isn't fun, too, of course!

Anyway, I've taken on Pansy Parkinson and Molly Weasley at The Enigma. Pansy just won't shut up in my head. This will be the sixth incarnation of her. Some I've liked and some I haven't.

The The Leaky Pansy turned out to be every gay wizard's buddy. She collected them like charms on a bracelet and was she fun to play! That's also where I first met millieweasley, which led to other fun later on! And Pansy led to Susan, whom I also enjoyed playing.

The Blood and Roses Pansy was darker. She was a former DE and broke poor Draco's heart. Then she descended into pathetic, and I so wish I hadn't gone down that path because I truly disliked her at the end.

My Beyond the Dark Pansy has been my favorite so far. She ended up having a heart of gold. Took up with Gilderoy Lockhart, had a child by him, lost him to the DEs, took up with Harry Potter, and when the game ended, she had every intention of marrying him. And she led to Morag Macdougal Dolohov and Parvati Patil and Emma Dobbs, whom I also enjoyed playing a great deal.

The Pansy at the Resistance game was just plain scary. She saw herself as a protege of Bella Black. We had trouble getting players at that game, and it didn't run long.

My The Third Event Pansy never really got going well. She hadn't played much before the game restarted, and when they began again, I had to give her up due to problems with the time commitment. Yet another reason to dislike working for a living!

The Pansy at The Enigma is shaping up to be more like I intended the Beyond the Dark Pansy to be when we started. More snobby and impressed with her own importance. More into bloodlines and that stuff. But if I've learned anything, it's that Pansy is going to be and do whatever the hell Pansy wants to. I'm just along for the ride.

I do need to say a thank you to inell. She was the first to suggest I play Pansy. Before that, I'd barely thought of the character. She'd never been in a fic I wrote, and I'd never played in an HP game before. But I've enjoyed the time I've spent with Pansy, and she feels she still has things to do and say so I'm grateful for the nudge.

I've also taken on Molly Weasley at The Enigma. Originally, I was thinking it would give the Weasley characters some opps to play and that she wouldn't play that much. Just when her children visited or owled. But she's been fun to create, and she's turned out quite meddlesome. She may just end up playing more than I'd expected. I'm going to apologize in advance to all the people who play Weasley children. Mama Molly has plans for your futures!

Anyway, I don't know how into rping you are, dear readers, but if you want a grand time, you might try it.
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The Premise
It's the year 2004, six years after the war and life has moved on in peace since the defeat of Voldemort in the battle of Hogwarts. In this time of quiet, a sudden string of disappearances shakes the wizarding world. No one knows where the disappeared people are, what's happened to them, if they're alive or dead or even if they left by their own choice or not. Aurors stand without answers; newspapers and radio speculate wildly and the Ministry is in an internal uproar of power struggle and arguments. In these times, Aurors and hit-wizards are given more authority as more and more rules and laws are set aside as the Ministry tries to persuade people they're safe from harm. What is going on? What is happening to those who disappear? Why are some groups targeted more by the Ministry's new actions than others? Does the Ministry know something they're not letting on? And does perhaps the Minister himself have something to do with what is going on? Let your character help to sort out what is real from what is false...
The Game
Enigma is a role-playing game based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. The setting takes place four years after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends and the game is canon compliant to all seven books (minus the epilogue). We are looking for creative and active players who want to build a story not only for their characters but for the game as a whole as well. Speculation, attempts of finding those missing and solving the mystery are all welcomed with open arms. All levels of experience are welcome, as long as you're willing to commit to the game and the events that unfold in it.
Game will start in January 2009.
The Characters
APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN - All characters not dead at the end of DH are be up for casting. We're especially looking for the trio, Weasleys, Malfoys, Rita Skeeter and Rodolphus Lestrange at the moment, but most characters are open for casting still.
You must be 18 years of age or older to apply.
The Formalities
COMMUNITIES: Enigma_rpg | Enigma_mods | Behind_enigma | Before_enigma RESOURCES: Rules & Info | Available Characters | Application | Current Cast and used PBs CONTACT: Email the mods at enigma.mods@gmail.com
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OMG, this is the funniest thing I've seen in forever!  It is a parody of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and it is absolutely priceless!  MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS, though!!!!  Don't click on the link if you haven't read the book and intend to or haven't read the book and are planning to wait for the movie (like my idiot husband...*contemplates keeping my mouth shut for three or so years....*)

Without further ado, here is Potterdammerung!

I sooooo wish I could have done this.  And sooooo many plot bunnies does it suggest....
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RP Pimpage


The Resistance

The Resistance RPG

Harry Potter and his friends have just entered their 7th year. That seems to be the story you know, right?


This is a different story. A story in which Voldemort never fell. A story in which Lily and James Potter never died. A story in which Cornelius Fudge was killed decades ago and Albus Dumbledore is still leading the fight against Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

The first war never happened. Voldemort failed to kill Harry Potter as a baby, but he was not stripped of his powers and the Potters got away. All of them. Sirius Black was never sent to jail, although Peter Pettigrew was found to be the rat that he is. The Death Eaters never fell because their leader never fell. Thus, the blood and carnage only grows. There has been no hope or happiness in the wizarding world since Voldemort began his ascent to power.

But just as there is darkness, there is light as well. The Death Eaters might be strong, but the Order of the Phoenix is getting stronger as well. With Alastor Moody as the Minister of Magic and so many strong wizards and witches together and alive, the Order of the Phoenix has begun to build the final wall of resistance.

The war is coming. Hogwarts is divided. Houses turned enemies. Bitterness, fights, blood wars, and distrust plague the walls of the school.

Somewhere in all of this darkness and blood, there has to be hope. There has to be light. Somewhere in the parties, the drinks, the relationships--somewhere in all of the madness, there has to be that one sliver of life as all else is plagued in death.

And if there isn't...that's what they're fighting for. That is why they are gathering together. That is why they are rising to meet them in the first battle. In the final battle. In the coming war.

Welcome to The Resistance.

The final barrier between good and evil.

The RPG // Characters // Rules // Application

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Beyond the Darkness RPG - Tonks

Beyond the Darkness
Beyond the Darkness

The new rpg has been going for just over a week, and it's already booming with characters and plot. It's called Beyond the Darkness and is an adult war-time Harry Potter rpg set in 2005. I did mention adult, didn't I?

Anyway, this is my first foray into the character of Tonks, and I'm totally loving her. Of course, it helps that our Remus Lupin is played by a totally amazing writer, Rana. In fact, when Tonks was suggested, I waffled until I heard she was the one playing Remus. That was what sold me. (So yes, that means the game has a Tonks/Lupin ship. Deal with it!)

We did some backstory before the game started, and the pieces are so good, I'm posting links. So, in order:

Cooking 101
Date: sometime between fall of 1997 and summer of 1998
Characters: Remus and Tonks
Location: Remus Lupin’s house in Hogsmeade
Rating: R
Warnings: clumsiness
Summary: Early in their relationship, Tonks goes over to Remus’ house to help him cook dinner.

A Sign of Hope


In a World of Firsts
Date: 23 March 2001
Characters: Remus and Tonks
Location: Remus’ house in Hogsmeade
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: het sex, and for Remus...boots
Summary: Four years into their relationship, Remus gives Tonks a very special birthday present, calling her his mate out loud. It is also their first time. (Tonks is a very patient woman, but she thinks Remus was worth the wait.)

The Birthday Surprise, aka It's About Bloody Time!


Break a Leg, Remus . . . or Two
Date: winter/spring of 2002
Characters: Remus and Tonks
Location: Hogwarts
Rating: R
Warnings: violence
Summary: Hogwarts is attacked – the Divination tower destroyed, and Remus is badly injured in the attack. Tonks is able to prevent him from being killed. After the threat is over, she sits with him in the infirmary. Remus, given courage by the pain potions he's on, finally tells Tonks he loves her and asks her to live with him.

Battle . . . and Aftermath
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